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☸ Astaroth
Chikusa Kakimoto | LA LUNE NOIRE
Weak: Psy | Strong: Nuclear

Slap (Inflicts a very small amount of physical damage to one enemy.)
Frei (Inflicts a small amount of Nuclear damage on one enemy.)

Poisma (50% chance of inflicting the Poison ailment on one target.)
Dormina (50% chance of inflicting the Sleep ailment on one target.)
Marin Karin (50% chance of inflicting the Brainwash ailment on one target.)
Makajam (50% chance of inflicting the Amnesia ailment on one target.)
Devil Touch (50% chance of inflicting the Fear ailment on one target.)

Dia (Recovers a small amount of HP to one ally.)

Patra (Recover from Sleep, Poison. One Ally.)
Energy Drop (Recover from Brainwash, Amnesia. One Ally.)

Distraction ( Allows allies to escape from battle successfully by distracting the enemy. What this is depends on the Navigator.)
Anticipate (Predicts the target of the enemy's next attack. Does not take up a turn, once per battle.)
Scan (Reveals one strength or weakness of any one foe. Navigator decides which one)

Surf (Allows the Navigator and targets to walk over water for a short time.)
Fetch (Draws a small object towards the target)
Jump (Doubles an ally's jumping height.)
Dash (Doubles an ally's movement speed.)

CommLink (Allows the Navigator to communicate telepathically with other Persona users nearby)
Heart Pulse (Allows Navigator to see a Heart Soul Color, and track Fighters more efficiently.)
Splash (Allows Navigator to breathe underwater for 10 minutes)

Boost (Attacks are 25% more effective)
Aliment Boost (All status ailment attacks are 25% times more effective.)
Counter (10% chance of repelling Physical attacks)
Endure (Automatically survive instant KO from a Light or Dark Attack)
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"Hello.... This is Ciro. I can't answer the phone right now, so leave a message if it's important. Thank you."
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Let me know how I'm playing here! Screened comments are on, anonymous is not.


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no one asked me to do this but here we are
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[good luck getting this fucker to answer]
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CHARACTER: Chikusa Kakimoto
CANON: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
◎ Chiki (千), front left of his waist
◎ Tsuruki (鶴), inside of his right thigh

◎ A grown Sarus Crane
◉ Chiki

◎ An unconventional chakram
◉ Tsuruki
◉ Based off of Axel's Burnout weapon
◉ The main wheel is split into two equal halves, both of which have a black inner edge and a red outer one. The two halves are connected by the silver handle, which is cross-shaped. Each half has four purple spikes with the same arrowhead-like design as the spikes on the Nobody logo. All of these spikes slant in the same direction.

◎ Depression Infliction
◉ Chiki, Sarus Crane
◉ Inflicts exhaustion and lack of motivation onto targets
◉ Does not affect the god using it
◉ Targets must be within Chikusa's line of sight

◎ Smoke Physiology
◉ Tsuruki, Chakram
◉ Transforms the user's body into smoke
◉ Transformed body can move as smoke
◉ Has immunity to things which would affect a physical body (diseases, attacks, etc)
◉ Can get through any space that isn't air-proofed
◉ Vulnerable to harsh winds

Hakkai Cho (Iron Crutch Li / Li Tieguai)
Butch Cassidy (Epona)

CAUSE OF DEATH: Got in the way of a blow meant for his partner Ken Joshima, the result being organ failure and blood loss. Died in his partner's arms.

◎ Bind: Restricts the target's movements completely, effectively freezing them in place.
◎ Truth: Compels the target to speak the complete truthful answer of whatever question the caster asks.
◎ Silence: (in progress)

◎ Rain Ring: A ring which channels Rain Flames and unlocks Box Weapons of the Rain alignment.
◎ Rain Yoyo Box: Unlocks yoyos similar to Chikusa's regular ones, but embedded with Rain Flames.
◎ Hedgehog Yoyos: Special handcrafted yoyos which unleash a spray of needles, many of which are poisoned.
◎ Mukurou's Box: Holds a Rain Owl, filled with Rain Flames and unable to unleash them onto others in the form of a wave.

◎ Pezzente the goat: Was going to be a sacrifice to Hestia. Ended up a pet instead.
◎ Pookie the cat: Lost the god and temple that was her home, so invaded the Hestia residence instead. Technically a demon, whose tail is split down the middle. Demands to be called Ironclaw the Destroyer. Chikusa refuses.
◎ Mukurou the Rain Owl: Was found on Chikusa's ceiling fan one morning. A diva that doesn't deserve the attention he gets. Excellent in battle but only if Chikusa lets him out regularly.
◎ Bon the Tibetan Mastiff: A giant school guard dog left behind by Kyoya Hibari. Loves laying on people and trying to break into Chikusa's room. Requires regular visits to the Far Shore school or he gets sad.
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CHARACTER NAME: Chikusa Kakimoto
CHARACTER SERIES: Katekyo Hitman Reborn


Backtagging: Yes
Threadhopping: Yes
Fourthwalling: Yes, although he'll write you off as nonsensical
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Let me know OOC before anything happens


Hugging this character: Yes (Although he will freeze up in bewilderment)
Kissing this character: Situational (OOCly fine with attempts, ICly he will shove his hand inbetween his face)
Flirting with this character: Yes (although he'll ignore you)
Fighting with this character: Yes
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Yes, although talk with me over serious injuries
Killing this character: Situational, talk with me first
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Go for it


Chikusa's past includes child abuse and human experimentation.

Also, as a product of first growing up secluded in a mafia lab and then growing up on the run living on his own and constantly moving with his two friends, his morals are often questionable and he sometimes doesn't understand things people raised in a normal healthy way would.

(Examples range from mundane things such as "store food in clothing drawers" to "what do you mean you don't just murder someone for being annoying".)

I also play him as suffering from PTSD, depression, and experiencing dissociative episodes.
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Player Information

Name: James
Contact: trilies at plurk, pm kokuyoyo
Age: 24
Other Characters: n/a

Character Information

Name: Chikusa Kakimoto
Canon: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Canon Point: Post-Canon
Age: 15
History: 49
Another character once remarks to Chikusa and his partner, "When you two stay so quiet, you give the impression of being a simple pair of nasty junior high students." It's true- on his own, Chikusa Kakimoto is easy to dismiss as nothing special. His slouch and preference for his partner or leader to speak their minds keeps him in the background. Nothing besides the mark on his cheek could give away that he was once the subject of human experimentation, and now is part of a group that makes even seasoned mafia families go uneasy. Even within his own group, it's easy to dismiss Chikusa to the background when he's surrounded by much louder and attention drawing characters.

Of course, often this works to Chikusa's advantage. Out of the entire original Estraneo trio (Mukuro Rokudo, Ken Joshima, and himself), Chikusa is the only one to not display any outright abilities such as illusions or channels. While able to outright battle, his talent seems to be best with poisons and assassinations- something which suits his quiet personality. These are apparently skills he's had to completely develop on his own, as all of the original trio have been without home and made powerful mafia enemies, and they've all been in the name of his loyalty to Mukuro. Since he is more or less mundane (the experiments effects on him passive instead of active), he's had to work to make himself useful to the person he would sacrifice his own body to again and again.

Not only does this demonstrate an incredible willpower, as Chikusa is only fourteen when we first meet him and already displays incredible knowledge, but this also shows the depths of his loyalty. Chikusa has been with Mukuro since they were first children breaking free of their Estraneo shackles, and his loyalty to the only person to show him and Ken kindness has grown exponentially since then. Now, it's at the point that his loyalty to another and desire to be useful is such an ingrained part of his personality as to be impossible to extract from him.

This doesn't mean Chikusa is mindlessly loyal, unlike his aptly named partner Ken. Out of their group, Mukuro seems most willing to discuss his thoughts and plans with Chikusa, trusting him to keep up, and the quiet boy has no reservations in physically holding his leader back when it seems like he's going to lose his temper over something that goes against his desires. Chikusa is also noted to think teasing thoughts about his leader, but, knowing that it's a sore subject, keeps it to himself.

However, the only thing hiding Chikusa's instability is his quiet and reserved nature. As a child experiment, a criminal runaway, and orphan who has only grown up with two similarly abused children, Chikusa has a lot of scars which have never healed. As someone who was considered an "incomplete" experiment who has to measure himself up to two "successes", he places a lot of his self worth on how useful he can be to Mukuro (and which will be passed onto whoever becomes his god). As a child experiment harmed by his own family and a criminal runaway, the issues only multiply. It's difficult for him to put his trust in other people, and he has problems empathizing or sympathizing with others. Strangers are either threats, nuisances, or not his problem. Those who are consistently nice to him make him confused, uncertain of how to handle them. Finally, for all that he is by far the most cool headed of the Estraneo orphans and the Kokuyo Gang in general, Chikusa still all too easily falls upon violence as a quick and easy solution to many problems.

Rain Flames - General info. Dying Will Flames are essentially the aura/chi/magic of KHR, with seven common variants. Chikusa's Rain flames are one such variant, and have the "tranquility" factor. If generated outside the body, they can slow down or sap the strength of others. Chikusa is bringing with him a Rain Ring that helps channel his flame, and a Rain Box which can be opened and give him another pair of yoyos which utilize his Flames instead of conventional poisons.
Estraneo Experiments - As a child, Chikusa was used by his own family (both in the genetic and mafia meanings of the word) as a guinea pig for experiments to weaponize human beings. While it's not explicitly stated what the effects of these experiments were, there is a panel which shows Chikusa writhing in pain while Flames envelope his limbs. Thus my guess would be that the effects were: 1) making his body mildly more resilient, 2) erasing his ability to feel pain (although his body still gets damaged), 3) bleeding out occurs more slowly, and 4) poisons and drugs take longer to go throughout his body. All but 1 are because of his body's natural Rain flames being focused inwards and disrupting the natural rhythm of things.
Poison Knowledge - Chikusa is highly proficient at dealing with all manners of poisons, identifying the symptoms of particular ones, and creating both poisons and their corresponding antidotes.
Medical Knowledge - Matching his poison knowledge, Chikusa is self taught when it comes to medicine and treating injures. He's in a bizarre area where his skill set is a weird mix of combat medic and doctor.
Criminal knowledge - Chikusa has knowledge of how the underworld (particularly that of the Italian mafia) functions, along with basic illegal skills such as basic theft, murder, and how to dispose of evidence.
Survival Skills - Chikusa knows how to live in generally uninhabited/wild areas with no access to electricity and other modern comforts. This included basic cooking skills.
Combat Skills - Chikusa is more a long ranged fighter with unconventional weaponry, but he does have a good grasp on combat when it gets up close and person (for evasion if nothing else). However, he's a much more efficient assassin and has high stealth and speed for that.
Yoyo Skills - Very good dexterity and hand-eye coordination.
Multilingual - As a natural born Italian, that is Chikusa's native language. He is also familiar with English (as one of the most widespread language) and is surprisingly fluent with Japanese despite likely only having a short time to learn it.

Strengths: Calm - Loyal - Intelligent - Strong willed - Quiet
Weaknesses: Detached - Obsessive - Depressive - Stubborn - Antisocial

God/Shinki: Shinki
Why?: In canon, Chikusa is already fiercely devoted to one person in particular, to the point that because of loyalty and what I've interpreted to be his own issues, he not only would let that person recklessly use his body but also revolves a lot of his own interests and skills around him. (They've known each other since childhood, so this has been forming and ingrained into him for years now.) Devoting himself to a person and a cause is now so much a part of him that he wouldn't know what to do with himself otherwise. I'd also like to see him deal with this sort of relationship, but with someone who is more openly invested in him and how he might change from someone else.
Cause Of Death: Organ failure/bled out from a shotgun wound after protecting his partner Ken Joshima
Vessel: A yoyo
Name Location: Left ankle
Power: Chemistry Manipulation

Writing Sample

Sample: In which questionable life choices continue to be made


Anything Else?: I'd like if it Chikusa was made as Axel's shinki. The player and I agreed on it beforehand.


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